Media streaming & DLNA

I set up my EX4 and am near ready to return it, but want to make sure that I am not doing so out of my own ignorance!

I want to store my extensive A/V collection on it and be able to stream.  Although I see info that says the EX4 uses Twonky, mine apparently did not come with it installed, nor does it appear as a download option.  Must if be purchased separately?

Secondly, I placed a couple of movies (MP4 format) onto the EX4 and although I could see, using my Sony TV, that they existed on the EX4, they would not stream.  I could stream other content using Playon on my computer no problem, so I don’t expect this problem was the signal.

Ultimately, I guess my question is can I do what i want with the EX4 - namely, 1) store audio in wma or other lossless format, run (if need be) a transcoder (which is best and compatible?) and stream the audio; and can I store 2) video and stream that in a similar fashion?

I use a DX4000 at work and am please with it, but not sure if that is a good choice for the media storage that I want the EX4 …

any and all input is appreciated…!  Thanks


First, Twonky is installed and you can access the settings page by typing //yourEX4IPaddress:9000/ in your browser.

The reason that you can see but not play your MP4s is most likely because your TV does not support that format over DLNA.  You need to check your TVs manual or website to see what formats it supports over DLNA.  The reason that you could stream using PlayOn is because it transcodes the media, the EX4 does not transcode so your TV has to natively support the media type you are attempting to stream.

You are going to have the same issue with any DLNA device that doesn’t transcode the media (meaning any NAS) so you either need to pipe your files through a media server on your PC that transcodes or you need to get a media player that will natively play that media type.

Thanks.  I will give this another shot and see what I can figure out.  I like the EX4 (although I am much more familiar with Windows and using this interface is a little different for me) and would just as soon it work out!