Media Streamer To Stream Frim WD Media Player?

Hello. I have a lot of media 400+ GB) on a Western Digital Media Drive that won’t play. It’s mainly HE265 HEVC in a .mkv format. So I am looking for a device that will “see” the WD hard drive to the hard drive and then stream it to my TV.

Since WDTV is not made anymore, a good way to get started (at low cost) is use an Amazon Fire TV stick and install the app Kodi on it.

just make sure it’s a Gen 2 … cus Gen 1 doesn’t support H.265/HEVC (which the OP needs)

Personally, i have a lot of media 8+ TB) 99% mainly H.264/AVC … my main Media Player is my Raspberry Pi 3 running Kodi/OpenELEC

But, for any 2K / 4K / H.265 / HEVC files that i have … my cheap $60 Octo core Android Box (Amlogic S905X) running Kodi/LibreELEC works fine.

If you want a Kodi compatible Media Player … best place to start looking is here:

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Thank you for the info and sorry for the delay in responding.

Firstly, I am very new to this so it looks and sounds like Latin to me. So sorry in advance for any confusion…

So I presume if my WD Media Hub will not play certain HEVC files, streaming from it to my TV via Amazon Fire or Chromecast won’t solve the problem right? I suppose I am asking does the Fire Stick actually play the HEVC file that is on the WD and then stream it to the TV, or does the WD actually play the file which is then streamed to the TV via the Fire?

If it is the latter, then I am still at square one, right?

So do I need another media player with a hard drive for storage to store my HEVC files on (which I presume I could simply attach to my TV via HDMI), or can Amazon or Chromecast stream simply from a basic external hard drive?

A WDTV is not “modern” enough to play the “265” type of videos and you also do not use the WDTV in tandem with any other player (like a FIre TV or Ancroid box. If these files are on your HD or server, and you want to play them, you can use a Fire TV (running the app called Kodi) or an Android box running Kodi). You locate the video via Kodi interface, click to play it (serve it to Fire TV) and the Fire TV does the playing of it to the TV.