Media Stick case pieces do not fit together

I received my new media stick today. The two plastic pieces of the case do not fit together.
Was there a design change? Cutouts on one side do not fit with cutouts on the other side.
How do I get the correct parts?

Hello there,

Let’s see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter since I have not tried this.


I solved the problem.

On every plastic case I have ever seen, the parts of the case fit together
without any circuit components.

The case with the WD Media Stick is the circuit board fits between the two
halves of the case so that there is basically a sandwich with the circuit
board as the filling. The edges of the circuit board are visible between
the two pieces of the case and the two case pieces do not fit together.

This design exposes the circuit board to outside effects such as dirt,
moisture, static electricity and heat.
I have been working with electronic devices for sixty years and I have
never seen a case for an electronic device made this way. The electronic
circuit should be completely inside and protected by the case and not an
exposed part of the case.