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hi dont post very often as completly love my wdtv live

but now i have a question just purchased a second wdtv box (not the live) how can i share attached storage between each unit on seperate tv i go through all of the settings and end up with a username snd password screen i know the password is admin by default but i still cannot connect to one unit from the other when i go to selct media source i can see the other player from both of the players but cannot connect to one from the other both units a set to share media and all other settings should allow this function just cannot get past that (user name/password screen) any help please 

Unless you’ve enabled Device Security in the setup, then just the default userid / password (Anonymous / blank) will connect.

admin is the WEB password, not the fileshare password.

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fantastic thanks never thought to leave id/password screen as it was