Media share from USB only?

Is there a way to configure the mycloud to allow media sharing from the USB only? I do not want media sharing on for the actual my cloud, but, I would like to connect a smaller drive to the USB port for media sharing, ie: DLNA. Any input appreciated. Thanks.

Disable the media server (Settings/Media/Media Streaming/Off).
Mount the USB drive, and locate the share created for it.
Enable media serving for the USB share (Shares/[share]/Media Serving/On)
Disable media serving on all other shares.
Enable the media server (Settings/Media/Media Streaming/On).

More detailed information on optimising the Twonky DLNA media server can be found here:

Really appreciate the comment and advice. Always nice to ask a question on a forum and not only get it answered, but, answered quickly. Going to give this a try.

ps. it may also be worth looking at your router; many have a USB port and will run both file server and media server.

My Technicolor TG582n certainly has this facility.