Media Servers - Functionality Question

Before I buy, I’m trying to understand what level(s) of functionality the WD Live passes thru from a DLNA/UPNP media server (like J River Media Center or Twonkyvision)…  I have an old Netgear media player and while it’s troublesome, I can get access to the multiple “views” from my media server – such as by Artist, by Year, Playlists, Genre, etc.  

I’ve also got a blue-ray player that lets me access USB drives, but it’s simply a means of browsing folders, and things like album track order is over-ridden by filename order.

I really want to upgrade, but am not sure if I’ll be satisfied with the functionality.

Can anyone provide more details about that?


WDTV Live is a DLNA 1.5 comliance device. Mostly all media servers supported. Twonky is tested already and Ok.

If you are buying it for its DLNA features don’t bother.

They claim compliance but there is a lot of stuff that does not work . Things like setting volume from the server is ignored.  It also failed the compliance test when I set the testing software to check that the command was actually executed. Normally for certification all they have to do is send a command and if the device replies OK it passes. This is changing in the next revision to required the command actually do something :slight_smile:

It will do the basics of play, stop, ff, rew, pause is iffy, but that is about it.

Here is the DNLA certificate for the WDTV LIve