Media Server/USB HDD Question

Hey guys, quick question: my PS3 in another can see the Hub’s contents and can stream them no problem, but it can’t see the files from either of the two externals (WD 1 & 1.5 TB) I have connected to the Hub. Is there an easy fix for this, or am I trying to do something that the product can’t do? Thanks for any help you can give

That has annoyed me too…

Unfortunately the Twonky server that acts as the Hub’s DLNA server and provides the information to external devices such as your PS3 or an external TV or DVD player with DLNA client support, does not look at external devices on its own. Neither does it share and use the already existing Catalog the Hub creates for itself, which would seem more intelligent. Instead the Twonky service when enabled does its own scanning of the disk(s) to find content to share, and by default only looks at the internal disk apparently.

Connecting to the Hub’s Twonky server from a PC does allow for some additional configuration, including adding more search paths for Twonky’s internal catalog, but I have not yet cared enough to figure out what paths to use to have the Twonky server include the external disks. What shows up when I look at it from a client looks like Junk, and of little value, so I chose to turn the Twonky service OFF.

Personally, I don’t need yet another service running on the little Hub, scanning the disks and slowing it down. :cry:

You have several different options on how you view files. You can choose the internal drive, USB1/2 or both. There’s also an option related to viewing Networked devices.

I suspect you simply need to change your WDTVLIVEHUB to view “all local drives” or whatever the setting is.