Media Server "There is no media in the current folder"

Media Server “there is no media in the current folder”[New]

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I’m running Windows XP with a ReadyNAS connected to the network.  I’m not using Network Shares, I’m using the WDTVL’s Media Server and ReadyDLNA service provided by my ReadyNAS.

I can see my share, and I can see the folders in it.   Out of all the folders there is one folder with nine subfolders.  Only one of the subfolders will display the files, the rest will only display “There is no media in the current folder”.  All these folders were created the same day.

I have checked the properties and the file type (jpg) in all the folders.  Everything is identical in all nine subfolders including the type of file.

This is very frustrating, I hoping for some help.



from what i gather you got one of those 9 folders to properly share?

so you just put whatever you wanna stream in that folder…

For the benefit of users who pull their media files out of a ReadyNas.

I’ve fixed my issue (so far) by going into my ReadyDLNA streaming service and doing a “rescan” of the share.

I’m now able to see all my files in all my folders!!  Of course, I’m still evaluating the box so I can’t comment on the rest of the features.

Don’t be fast to blame the WDTVL like I did, try to be objective and look at all options, especially the ones outside of the player.

Thanks to the ones that tried to help me.