Media Server software suggestion


I’m a new user to wdtv and hooked it up using both Media Server and Network Shares in Windows 7. I enjoyed the organizing capability of a Media Server and decided to put the effort in organizing my evergrowing picture library. To keep things simple I used Windows Media Player at first as the host server for streaming. It’s OK but I quickly found out some shortcomings and overall usability with picture libraries.

I want something powerful to categorize, classify and organize my pictures and then I’ll move to movies and mp3s later on. Besides WMP, what other software do you guys recommend to work with WDTV Live?


On the Setup screen there are three options which look interesting.

Media Library

Get Content Info

Meta-Source Manager

What are these for and how do I use them? I’m lost organizing my stuff, I’d appreciate at least some pointers in the right direction.


First of all, read the manual.