Media Server Setup

Can anyone help set up media servers? I have several running on my pc however they are not showing up on my media player. I have given permission via firewall and have turned off firewall completely. Still no media servers. I know they are running and have a great connection both on pc and wdlive. PLEASES HELP.

Assuming Windows 7 (Vista may be similar).

First, enable media streaming:

    Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Media streaming options

Second, check that the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service service is running

These two actions should present the WMP media server on your PC onto your network so that it is visible to other devices.  Windows 7 should take care of any firewall settings automatically.  Also, make sure that you have uPNP enabled on your router.

Use Windows Media Player to define which folders you want to share as Music, Pictures and Video (plus others) for the DLNA interface.

It can be a bit tricky to get your head round at first, but you need to remember that WMP is both a DLNA server and a player rolled into one.  The WMP interface takes a bit of getting used to!

Is it possible to setup Win 2k3 to a media server?