Media Server for iPlayer, iView, etc

I have the WDTV live streaming media player & I also  have Wild Media Server installed on a PC for test reasons to see if it will allow playback of iPlayer, iView (Australian) & a few other services. It seems to do this very well & if you have not tried it then maybe have a look at it. 

I have a Mac & Wild Media Server seems to work really well on a PC but on a Mac using Wine to run the application I can’t get it to work. Can anyone assist with this? Alternatively is there a similar program that is Mac friendly that will allow the same functionality?

I am sure that there must be other programs that allow the same functionality while being able to use a Mac.

Thanks for the post.

Could you explain this in more detail (using Wild Media Server/IPlayer/WDTV combo)

To get to content from the Iplayer I presume you go through a proxy somewhere.

Does Wild Media server do that…? (i’ve tried using that before but found it way too complex…)

The proxy function with the WDTV is too  limited (useless)  for proxies that require  address,port,username,password…)

I have another setup that uses XBMC on another PC and used the iplayer plugin . XBMC has a better proxy