Media Server - File name still exists after deleting from the computer


i use WD Live TV as Media Server, and even when the files were deleted from the computer, TV Hub still shows the file information.  Obviously, it won’t play because files are not there…i did Device Reset, disconnect laptop, and all sort of things but it still shows. 

is there a fix on this?


First, you’re in the wrong forum.   This forum is for the Live /Live+ ONLY.

All you have to do is re-build the media library.    Shut it down completely by pressing the remote POWER button for more than 3 seconds, or use the SETUP / OPERATION menu to do DEVICE RESTART.

If you’re actually using the Hub as a DLNA server, I’m not aware of any way you can have it serve files that are on your computer instead of the local drive.   Can you clarify exactyl what you’re doing?