Media server directory name

I am in Korea and using “My Cloud 2TB” as file server and media server. And when I am using it as media server(espetially Music Server), I found some difficulties or issues as follows;

1.Folder Name
System create “Shared Music” automatically as media server folder of music. When I copy or update audio files from my Laptop(, which is used as audio file editor) to this music folder, I use "robocopy’.
But there was errors because of blank between Shared and Music.
For solving it, I deleted “Shared Music” folder and created new folder named ‘Shared_Music’. But “Shared Music” folder re-created by system.
Can you fix it?

You can put media anywhere you like.

The system will create the Shared Media folders, but you are not forced to use them. They are created by Twonky. On the v4 firmware devices, you can change the folders Twonky creates, but I don’t have experience of v2 firmware.

This FAQ may help:

Dear cpt_paranoia

Thank you for your information.

I have some questions;

Q1. I am using firmware version 2.30.172. Does it mean “v2 firmware”?

Q2. If I want to use V4 firmware, Should I buy new WD device which use firmware version

Q3. Is media server software installed on WD MyCloud “Dwonky Mediaserver”?

Q4. Are you working in WD development part?

Best regards K.P. Chung

  1. Yes

  2. No; you can’t buy a new gen1/v4 device. The gen2/v2 is newer. Yes, we know that makes no sense.

  3. Twonky is factory installed on the MyCloud; read the user manual.

  4. No. This is a user forum. WD Staff rarely appear, and, when they do, they have ‘WD Staff’ next to their name.

You won’t get such honest answers out of WD Staff. You’ll be lucky if they’re as knowledgeable as the users here, too.

Dear cpt_paranoia

Thank you for good information.

I surveyed Twonky New version and I installed Twonky 8.5 version on my laptop(windows 7) for test and review.

It seems better than other media server software(PLEX, Serviio, Foobar200). And I tried to find detail Twonky installation procedure.

But I could not find it. Can you inform of how to get installation procedure?

K.P. Chung

You don’t need to install Twonky.

It is already installed on the MyCloud. You just need to enable the media server.

Read the user manual and the FAQ.

You can access twonky by typing ip-address-of-your-myclod:9000 in your browser, and then tell twonky which directories it should scan for media. But the directories(shares) must have media streaming enables, you can enable it in the dashboard.

Thank you for information.

I have changed media server directories for music, picture and video.