Media Scraper

Hi, first time poster. If this has been discussed, my appologies, but not much usable came up in a search.

What is “TMDB” and who maintains it? Why isn’t IMBD used? My issue is tha after ripping all 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica in the media hub I went to populate the metadata with the scraper and only got the movies made from the series as available titles. A bit frustrating. Even with name play I havent been able to assign the DVD cover art to the respective discs properly. I can’t be the only guy out there trying to put a couple of TV series on this thing.

Thanks in advance for any constructive input!!

Users maintain TMDB, you can log in and do it. However be warned that they consider it a movie site and don’t like people adding TV shows. You can add a thumbnail by using either a folder.jpg or a jpg named exactly as your movie file name.

Yeah.   Looks like this added a buch of TV stuff in there; specifically the BATTLESTAR STUFF!


Thanks for the replies gents!!

I added the Battlestar Gallactica stuff to, as well as The Office and some other stuff.

Its tricky though.  You can add it and build the info, then you have to wait a couple of hours until its searchable to get the info you want through the scraper.

Don’t wait to long though as their moderators will delete non-movie entries at some random point in time.

Thanks again for the replies.