Media scanning wdmcserver must respect "do not share media" for shares: DO NOT scan all shares

Currently wdmcserver scans all shares regardless of the media setting of the share - this is not the expected behavior. This results in extremely slow upload to the point of being unusable and the whole unit becomes unresponsive - this is unacceptable. Presumably this also puts unnecessary strain on the hard drive. The expected behavior is the share’s settings should be respected - if a user wants to enable media sharing later on a share they can then click rescan media. It has been discussed extensively on this board so it’s clearly a problem. I currently have all media scanning completely disabled just so I can use the unit which is unacceptable - please fix.


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This issue was already registered as Idea few months before by Me (

Since this isn’t fixed yet, I do not think it ever will.

I agree that WD has no intention of ever fixing this problem.  After all this is the quickest way I know of wearing out the hard drive.  If and when my drive fails I do not intend to replace my MyCloud with another WD product. 

BTW it looks like after installing firmware v04.01.02-417 wdmcserver has decided to start a completely new rescan of everything!