Media Scan Stopped


Below are the latest two message from my WD MyCloud; note the event times.  Eveytime I restart the MyCloud from the web UI, I receive these messages.  I am unable to load WD Photos on my mobile devices (I have a separate thread for that issue) but suspect that the real problem is creating the thumbnail database.

So, my question is this: can I disable the thumbnail generating service (i.e.  wdphotodbmergerd) but still be able to access my files over the Internet using the WD MyCloud app, or are these services all tied together?

Is there a set of files I can delete on box (I’ve ssh’d into the device before) to rebuild the scan database?

I would love to browse my photos, but I really want to get to a baseline function set that works and stop fiddling with this device.  For me, that means accessing backups of my files from my mobile devices and my Mac from the Internet.  I can live without the photo thumbnails and would appreciate the reduced disk contention that comes with the thumbnail generation, anyway.

Thanks, Ken

Event title:Media Scan Stopped

Event description:The device stopped scanning your media. As a result, some thumbnails will not display when you access it remotely. To resume scanning, please restart your WD My Cloud device.


Event code:2300

Event time:05-05-2014 05:19:30 PM

Event title:System restart

Event description:The system has restarted.


Event code:2001

Event time:05-05-2014 05:06:26 PM


Please be aware that disabling internal services is not supported by Western Digital, and could harm your device.

Thanks for your helpful reply.

I haven’t stopped any services, but am not sure how to work around this recurring Media Scan Stopped issue.

I suppose I can try another system restore and see what happens.

So… I ran a System Only factory restore and my content scans are now completing without error.