Media Scan Stopped Code 2300 - What are the conditions for this to happen?

So I had a power outage  this morning and before I left for work, I unplugged all my WD devices so it doesn’t boot up recklessly when I’m not home. Finally got home and with great trepidation (only with WD equipment) I plugged it in. 

Thankfully after the short white light scenario, my device booted up.

Now this is the fourth time I’ve booted up since my firmware upgrade and each time I booted up, I’ve been lucky and very gracious for the fact that my media scan have been stopped.  I believe that each time I had to reboot was due to a suden power failure (the kind that requires my hand to pull the plug except this morning).

I haven’t had time to go through the script to find how, when and why the media Scan stopped and what conditions are needed so that the device stops it for me.

I know that I can stop it permanently myself, but it would be nicer if I can replicate the same conditions that causes this automatic “Media Scan Stopped Code 2300)”, this way I know all the right flags would have been turned off.

Thank you for any replies…


Hi Ralphael, thanks for sharing, I encourage other users to help out. 

I think this is more a tech question for the WD programmers on how does the system know when to stop the media scan process on a reboot? It will be really appreciative if you knock on one of the programmers door and ask for me :slight_smile:

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