Media receiver type setting in MyCloud Mirror Gen2?

In my old WD MyCloud server, I had to set the media receiver type of the connection on Cloud to my Samsung TV to be “Samsung Smart TV” in a drop-down list in order to show high resolution JPG pictures over 20 MB because Twonky server does not recognize the Samsung TV is a “Samsung Smart TV”. Otherwise, a tiny icon of the picture will be shown on TV only. This was done in the “Media Receiver” list of Twonky server with help from this forum in 2015.

To display the same pictures (JPG, larger than 20 MB) from MyCloud Mirrow Gen2, I have got the same problem, seeing icon-like small thing on TV. It seems MyCloud Mirror Gen2 does not use Twonky server. Then, how do I force MyCloud Mirror Gen2 to recognize the connection to my Samsung TV to to “Samsung Smart TV”?

Hi kennewor ,

May be you should check this post.

Hi, Peter!

Thank you for quick help. Following your hint, I installed Plex server in my WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 server. However, when I attempted to add media folders to the Plex server, I always got a message at the bottom bar of Plex’s “Add Library” bar reading as:
Your changes could not be saved.

I initially chose large folders such as “Picture”, later chose some small folder under it. No luck has been made yet. I noticed the same message also appears in the screen shot of Step 10 of the Plex tutorial

I do not like Plex server at all unless this huddle can be solved.

Problem solved. The more I studied Plex and Kodi, the more I knew that the media server is not the focus of a solution to my problem. It turns out that twonky server (mywdcloud:9000) is still working in the new WD MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 server. Using exactly the same trick as for the old MyCloud server, Samsung smart TV can now display pictures of 20 or 30 MB.

In case anybody has a similar problem, here is a link to my post in April 2016. Many thanks to Bennor again.