Media Players & TV Size/Type

Been using a WD TV Live for many years on the old larger CRT & always looked good.

Thinking of getting an HD larger screen to watch the HD channels etc.

But I also want to use the many AVIs etc, many ripped at 700 mb & in the older smaller format for smaller CRTs eg; 512x368.

Many have said the  Panasonic plasmas best for color, reproduction etc. Tested the WD TH-50ST50 (50 inch, minimum size this year) with a variety of older AVIs. On full screen looked ordinary, no surprise here - there’s only so much you can do with that resolution. The WD allows a zoom in but even then wasn’t so great.

To enjoy these old films on a media player is there any advice out there 1. Size of screen? 2. Type of screen? (Plasma/LCD/LED) 3. Manufacturer? etc



I own a 42inch Panasonic Plasma TV and am happy with the HD and SD Picture Quality.

The choose a the size however, it all depends on your viewing distance.

Also, when i bought mine from a local retailer … i phoned them to enquire if they had the model i was after was on display.

They replied ‘Yes’ … i then asked them if i could bring my Media Player (my WD Gen1 at the time)  and connect it to view various content… ie 1080p, 720p, 576i etc etc.

They said “Sure” bring it in !      So i did :smiley:

My story may be a unique experience with a retailer, but at the time it was $2000 TV … so i guess they didnt want to lose a Sale.

P.S. Prepare a USB 16gig Stick with all your test files labeled, bring a HDMI with you… all i had to do was ask for a power point and then plug the HDMI into the side of the TV.