Media Player

Hey i need help to connect my WDtv with my pc, can any1help??

And is it possible to watch live stream on WDtv from any wesite?? does it contain a web browser? 

  1. I’m not trying to give you a hard time, but I’m afraid that’s a very broad question. Assuming you’ve followed the steps in the PDF manual online, what’s giving you a problem specifically?

  2. No web browser. Though, built into the WD system are apps you can use to watch tv shows, such as Hulu Plus or Netflix (though you’ll need a subscription), or you can also access content on YouTube. If you want to view video content from various websites I suggest you try downloading PlayOn to your PC. The WD will recognize PlayOn as a media server (content source). This will give you access to lots of content from various websites, once you install the scripts you want.