Media Player Works on one TV, not on another?

I have the WD HD Live Medai player and it plays great on my 32" Samsung 720p 60 Hz  LCDTV. However, when I hook it up to my 42" Samsung 720p 600 Hz (subField)  Plasma TV with the same HDMI cable, it freezes and skips, or just does not work at all, most of the time, I can’t even get past the main menu without it blanking out, coming back, blanking out, etc. i have hooked my Laptop up to both TV’s using the same HDMI cable and can play videos fine on both, but for some reason the medai player just wont work on the bigger TV.

Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening?

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Try manually setting the resolution on the Live (don’t let it default to “auto” but set it to 720p instead).

Awesome!! That worked perfectly…thanks a ton…