Media player waking up HD when on standby

My WD Live media player is connected to to a Hd to access media files.  After a period of inactivity the Hd goes to sleep (as it is set to do) but for some reason even when the media player is turned off (on standby) it wakes up the HD after about ten minutes and does not let it go back to sleep resulting in the HD spinning 24/7.

Something in the WD media player is triggering the HD to wake up?  Any help appreciated

Have tried the Hd with Lap top and it performs as it should, sleeps until it is accessed

Are you sure nothing on your net is accessing it?

I have tried switching off the WIFI, but same result

Looking through some other threads discovered that if you hold down the power button on the WD remote for 5 seconds it powers the Media player down completely (not to standby) which in turn shuts down the HD completely (not to sleep mode).  Problem solved ! :smiley:

TonyPh12345 wrote:
Are you sure nothing on your net is accessing it?

How would anything in a network be able to access the HD when it’s connected to a device which is in stand-by?

Because It’s in STANDBY, not OFF.

Standby allows the disk and network to remain fully online – for just that reason – so the WD can access network resources and network resources can access the WD.