Media player improvements for audio books and music, WD My Cloud

I love this app. I have a work issued phone that I’m unable to hook up to iTunes. My Cloud app lets me access and download files to my phone and ipad.

Please consider retaining last track information even when app is closed. So that when you reopen the app the last track is highlighted in some way. This way you know where you left off.

When pausing an audio track from a downloaded folder on my iPhone, i have to hit done in the player to do anything else within the app. Then to return to your audio You have to remember the track you were on last. If you guess right, It will then resume where you left off. But if you hit the wrong track that info is all lost.

You are able to browse in the ipad version without stopping the audio or video which is cool.

Why not create a separate tab on the bottom of the app for the media player. Be able load a playlist of songs or an audio book containing many files. The player retains the track data even when the app is closed and then reopened.

Currently, the audiobooks with not that many files I’ll use the open in other apps like speedup, but it’s unpractical with a large amount of files so I play it from the player, but every once in awhile the player is closed when I return to the app. Then I have to spend time trying to figure where I left off.

The skip forward button works but causes the player to stop when it reaches the end of the current track. Instead of moving onto the next in the folder?.


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Idea approved for voting.

I think the best way to play audiobook is from the MP3 player. Because it is very portable and you can transfer aduibook to any devices you want. However, if you order audiobooks from Audible, it is so difficult to transfer the audible files. That is because they are DRM protected. In this case, you’d better use a audible file converter to help you encode the audible files to a new format of files, then you will be able to play them freely anywhere.