Media Player Folders

I’ve browsed…but haven’t been able to find an answer.  And yes…I’m a noob with the Media Player.  Lol  I have a Gen 1 WD Media Player.  I have downloaded a cartoon series that has 130 episodes and put it on the Media Player.  When I go to browse the videos…I have to go through all 130 files of this show along with all the other movies I have on there.  Is there a way for them to be in a folder in the videos section?  So when you are browsing the movies…you just see that folder instead of all 130 files?  Thanks in advance!

not sure about your problem.

but I assume all your files are placed in the root of the disk. if this is the case,

solution is simple. just put your files in appropriate folders. you can then browse your files in the folder using Fast Forward or Rewind buttons on the remote (page by page-this means 12 files on a single page)…

by the way WDTV does not see empty folders.  folders are visible when you put some recognised files in them.

also this is pretty obvious but u did say ur a noob… when u are in the menu make use u pick browes videos in folders instead of all videos… its not a setting, just highlight the video section and press over 2 or 3 times and ull see it… also like yvzrgntv said. Make sure they are actually in folders

Thanks random…that answered my question.  Wow…how did I miss that?  I didn’t even see that setting.  That’s very obvious.  Thanks.

Great community here… so many tips and tricks for this pretty amazing device.

I have a follow up question to the Media Folders… and moving through the files.

I have my episodes on a folder… view by folder… but find they are arranged in alphabetical order ? Is there a way to have them listed by date ? Sometimes I have to page through several pages to find what i am looking for… it would be way easier if I could have them listed in each folder … by date.