Media Player acting weird


I just bought a WD HD media player and a 1 Terra HDD. I already have about 35 movies stored on the HDD with size ranging between1.5GB to 10.95GB a movie (720p to 1080p).   

Some of the movies play flawlessly.

However, with other movies (especially 5GB and above) i experience the following problems:

  1. when i scan fwd or rew i get the message “This file type doesn’t support trick … (something)” and the movie freezes and sends me back to the main screen.
  2. picture and sound out of sync. Picture before sound.
  3. 30 secs into the movie it freezes and returns me to the media selection screen.

Clash of Titans 1080p and Avatar 1080 are 2 of the biggest sized movies i have and experiencing problems 1 and 3.

Please advise. 

Thanks and Regards,


Re-rip the movies off the discs, and encode using Handbrake.  The sequence headers in the rips you’ve made seem faulty, with whatever application you used to create the .mkv files.

I would agree, mostlikely an encoding issue.  Also make sure that you are decrypting the original files, and if you use MKV make sure header compression is disabled.