Media play on non-smart TV via USB LAN adapter

I have Samsung non-smart lcd TV ue42f5070 which can play many different media types and I’d like to connect it to My Cloud EX2 via USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. My Cloud EX2 would be connected to my home network, also I’d connect the TV to home network via usb ethernet adapter. Would TV be able to “see” My Cloud EX2 and play media files from it?

I would strongly doubt it. Note that it says “Windows and Mac compatible” which probably means it needs drivers installed to work (these things normally do).

I strongly doubt you’ll be able to do that, as almost certainly the TV will be Linux or Android based (if indeed it has anything like a recognisable OS on it) and so won’t be able to support it.

You’d be better off with a small media player instead (I have a similar set-up with a dumb LG HDTV and a Raspberry Pi for example, although there is of course the WD TV option or similar).

I was afraid this could be the answer. Too bad. I’ll just stick with the dumb method it worked so far. Sending files to usb stick, than plugging it into the TV. Thx for the input anyway.