Media Patrol Process - Lengthy Runtime


This morning I noticed the fans on my G-Speed Studio R kick into high gear for no apparent reason given that I was not accessing them.
Come to find out that the Media Patrol background process had started.
As of this writing I am now 2 hours into this process and it looks to have only touched 1 of the 4 drives.
Is this typical?


We are now over 12 hours into this process with no end in sight.
What should be the expectation for this process to complete?


Finally complete after more than 24 hours of continuous running of this task.
What is the recommended scheduling of this task and the expected normal runtime?


Media Patrol will be different based on the capacity of the unit. It is an automated process that scans the hardware itself, the actual drives. Whereas synchronization and rebuild affect the data written to the drives this scans the drives itself. If it finds a problem with the drives it will trigger fault warnings and issues so if it passes that is exactly what you want it to do.


Thanks for the response, however, the question remains as to what does WD recommend regarding this process in the scheduler.
Given that I now know the consequences of having it running in real time, I will want to plan workload around the process.
I would also be interested in the other background processes and recommended scheduling.
Much appreciated.


The only other ones that would run would have to be started by you manually. Synchronization only goes when creating a RAID from scratch and Rebuild only goes when rebuilding a degraded RAID.