Media Not Serving

I have a wd live hub. Its been working fine ince i bought it a year ago, until last week.

The media server, which has normally worked fine to play to my wd live, tablet, and pc is no longer working. Sometimes the wb hub shows up in the list of media servers, sometimes no. When it does show up on the wd live, it says there is no media in the current folder. The upnp programs on the tablet see the device, but no media.

I can see the various files in the folder structure via a network share. all files play fine locally.

I have cleared and rescanned the media library. Dlna, itunes server, and network share server are on. All devices are in the same workgroup.

Usb thumbdrives do not seem to appear unless i am not using the wifi dongle. Not sure if this is related.


I am having the same problem, the Livehub used to show up under Network\Media Devices and on my Ipad via Goodplayer.  I could playback all my files no problem.  Now it is missing from both.  I will try resetting and see if that does anything.

I just performed a hard reset and the problem persists.