Media Not Found

I seem to be having a glich where my WD TV Live drops my media folders. It occasionally will reload if I go in to setup and rescan the folder but frequently requires a full device restart and “compiling” to be able to get in to the “folder view” (no, I don’t want to wait…thanks).

It’s connected to a Qnap NAS via wired net. The folder structure on server is:

root drive\Digital Photos

root drive\Movies

root drive\Music

I have those three sperate folders shared in the media library.

Is there a problem in there? Am I doing something wrong? Any other information helpful?

P.S. I do plan on getting additional 2TB drives and building my own Linux based server and moving away from the 2 drive limited Qnap in the future…but that’s a ways off.

Hi, have you tried setting a static IP for the WDTV? 

I have not. I assume that’s somewhere in the setup? I’ll try to test that this weekend…