Media Network Shares disconnected don't auto-reconnect

There seems to be a defect in the way WDTV Live (Gen3) manages the Media Network Shares.


WDTV Live, wireless connection via router to local area network to Netgear Ready NAS 102. WDTV Live is configured to use a media library that only has network share paths no local storage.

WDTV Live is put into standby mode. Router, LAN switch and NAS shutdown overnight.

Router, LAN switch and NAS restarted following day.

On switching on WDTV Live you get a message about media previously in use has been disconnected. Select alternative and the media library is now missing.

The simplest way to restore it is to do a Restart on the WDTV Live. The alternative is to ensure a complete shut down of the WDTV Live (Long press of off).

It seems likely that the problem is that by default the WDTV Live tries to auto scan the media library when the box is in standby and has a sulk because it can’t get a network connection.

Looks like someone need to have a look and the code and sort out auto-reconnection of network shares on demand.


NB: If you want to use network shares, the WDTV Live only seems to see other devices if they are in the same workgroup. By default the WDTV Live is in WORKGROUP, Netgear’s ReadyNAS defaults to Volume, so if you want a WDTV Live to see a ReadyNAS you need to change one or both boxes to have the same Workgroup.

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