Media (music now) Server. How to best use?

I may not understand the best way to serve music (or other media such as photos or video) from my WD My Cloud server so I thought I’d explain what I’m doing and let you offer suggestions for a better way(s) to use my NAS for this purpose.  Music is #1 from the NAS.  Photos would be #2 priority.  Video is very low on the list of prioriies as I can play Netflix or stick a DVD into my home player.

I made 2 Shares on my NAS as follows:




I rip CDs using dBpoweramp software.  With one rip three files are created.  The FLAC file goes into the FLACmusic share, MP3 flie into the MP3music share and Wave file into the WaveMusic share.

I then can play wirelessly MP3s anywhere from my iPhone 6 using the “My Cloud” app on my phone.  I can use Squeezebox V3 wirelessly to play any of the 3 versions of the files through my home stereo.   II can play music from my 3 computers wirelessly with any proper one of the file (iTunes, Windows Media Players, etc.).

On the Dashboare>Settings>iTunes Server>ON:  I have the iTunes Server turned ON, but I don’t really know exactly how this operates or when it operates. 

There it is.  How can I better use my WD My Cloud NAS for serving music?  Are there advantages to doing it differently?  How/when does the iTunes Server work and why is this called out as special?   (My other players fall under DLNA Media Servers with Meadia Streaming turned ON.)

Also, I would like to stream music wirelessly from my NAS to a stand-alone MUSIC PLAYER (hardware)  in my home connected to my stereo without my computer running.  Squeezebox V3 does not appear to do this (computer must be running for Squeezebox V3 to work).  Any suggestions for a stand alone MUSIC PLAYER to stream wirelessly from my NAS with my computer turned off?

Thanks in advance.


I’d recommend checking out this dedicated FAQ related to WD My Cloud media serving:

Advantages and disadvantages pretty much come down to media organization and preferences.

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