Media Manager shows ALL folders of my PC share and not just those selected to be included

As  a new user of the WD Tv Live (gen3) I’m confused as to what the Media Library should display. I used the System Menu to manually add individual share folders from my Windows * PC to the media library. I selcetd the following folders specifically from my Windows 8 PC.


C:\Users\MyName\My Pictures

C:\Users\MyName\My Videos


However, after it’s finished scanning all of these, when I go to view the Media Library in any category (e.g. Music) instead of just displaying the contents of the Music folder from my Windows PC it actually displays ALL of the subfolders within the C:\Users\MyName\ folder. I thought the whole idea was that it would only display the media you had chosen to share and add to the Media Manager! Can anyone explain why this is, or what I may have done wrong?

Have you set your Content Source (red button) and filter (green button) correctly?