Media manager and freeze help

I have used my WDTV streaming for a quite a while…actually have two now so I am familiar with their little quirks but still like them.  But there is something I just can’t figure out and hope the forum can help.

I use the one mainly for connecting to and playing videos, music, and pictures stored on a NAS.  No connection issues, it just works.  However…the media manager.   I know I can use the direct folder pathway and that works. However, the media manager, when it is done scanning, is a nicer interface.

So here is my question.  It was done scanning and I turned it on, and it did not say scanning media for long, then it was done.  However it did not pick up some new videos I put on the NAS (not sure why since it ALWAYS seems to want to scan at turn on) so I just did a “rescan” on that one folder.  No problem, all was good.

I turned it off and wanted to use it later.  I turned it on and there it went again, scanning.  I said to myself, I know it is up to date, I will just turn off the media manager.  Well, I guess when you do this it not only stops scanning, it can’t see what it already scanned (I did not clear, I just turned it off).  Because when I went to videos, music, and photos, it says that it was disconnected.

So I turned media manager back on, and now it seems to be rescanning all those folders and files again.  Shouldn’t the prior scan data be stored somewhere?

Anyway, what is the best strategy here?  When everything is scanned and good, can I just tell it “don’t scan until I tell you to”? I have the network media manager set to only do an auto scan once a month. However it seems to ignore that and scans when turning on at random times.

Also, there are times where I have to unplug it and reboot it in order to get video and turned on to get to the main menu.  Not sure if it is freezing or an HDMI handshake thing as the light is on.  I did turn off the “wifi search” setting or whatever that is in case that was causing an issue.

Any thoughts appreciated!



BJBBJB wrote: Because when I went to videos, music, and photos, it says that it was disconnected.

that sounds like you are using “Media Shares” which is DLNA  and in all likelihood is not creating a media database folder (ie.  .wd_tv and your shared hdd’s)

Try “Network Shares” instead  (and don’t forget to use the Network Media Library Manager to add those Network Shares to the “Media Library” and then press the RED Content Source button to select “My Media Library”)

Sorry for the delay, never got notification of a post.   I only got that message about being disconnected after I tested turning off media manager…I never got that in the past or since.

I have standard window shares to a NAS, no local storage.  Never get this message otherwise unless I misunderstand your post.

So I just leave media manager on.  Sometimes it just turns on ASAP and there is no scanning.

Other times, it feels like it needs to scan even though nothing has been added.

It would be great to have a setting that says something like"the owner knows that no files have been added to anything connected to the device so don’t scan on turn on" :slight_smile:

That is what I was trying to do by turning off meda sharing…but as noted in my first post, that doesn’t work because it “loses” its connection. 

I have another turnon issue but I think since it is a different issue, I should post as a new thread.