Media Library?

Isn’t the WD TV Live Hub Media Library supposed to combine all available data into a single list? I have videos on both the Local Internal Drive and Network Shares. The Media Library updates both locations but I have to switch between the locations to see the content on each one. Shouldn’t the Videos Tab show all the content from both locations at the same time?


The short answer is no.   You can only access one at a time, either you can see the local media or the network media but not both at the same time.

This is why I gave up streaming and mirrored everything on the Hub. At least it cleared up some HDD space on my PC.  Still kind of frustrating though.  The network does make file transfers incredibly easy if a little time consuming.  I can see where this would be a huge pain if you had more than 1 TB of data you wanted to view which I’m sure is not that uncomon.  I’m not quite there yet.  i would suggest maybe streaming one type of media (movies perhaps) and have all the other stuff on the Hub.  That way you’re not going back and forth when you can’t remeber here a certain file is.

Thanks for the answers guys.

Since I just look at everything by Folder and Alphabetized the Library really doesn’t do much for me except that it has to be on to get Metadata Content. It sure would be more useful if it put all content together and kept track of where it was stored.

I agree with you. That seems like a “no brainer” kind of option. As a longtime user of WDTV products these are just the odd kind of quirks that seem to be a consistent blemish on an otherwise great product.