Media Library

Ok, I have this box connected to a Promise 4600 NAS with (4) 2tb HDD’s configured as a RAID5.

I have the DLNA plug-in installed and configured.

The WD box detects the NAS and I can see the 3 media folders and play media from them.

The problems I have are:

  1. The raw “file names” are being shown for MPS’s even though I have the Library option turned on and have the display set to TITLE and FILE LIST (I do not want thumbnails).  How do I get it to just show artist & title, etc. from the MP3 tags?

  2. I cannot search - for anything.  Everything comes back NOT FOUND.  And to confirm, everything is in the ROOT of the folders MUSIC/PHOTO/VIDEO, there are no sub folders.


The answer to your first problem is that the ID3 tags are not seen by the WD box when the media are stored on an NAS. You can confirm this by copying a few tagged files to a USB stick and plugging it in directly. When played from the USB stick, you will see the track name, the artist and genre. It’s something to do with the way that the box “sees” dieffernt types of storage devices.

I suspect that your second problem may be related to the first. Again, try putting some media on a USB stick and see if the search function works.

I suspect that would be a great solution for them if they could plug all of those drives directly into the USB on the WDTV… WD needs to re-enable USB Hub support in their firmware, it would fix alot of headaches.

When did they “de-enable” usb hub support in their firmware. I have several usb drives that I pull from, but currently only have two hooked up to it. I was planning on getting a usb hub to get all hooked up at once.

OK, I have not tried this yet, but it would AMAZE me if what you are saying is true.

I mean, why would it matter WHERE a file is stored as to whether or not the WD box will READ the tags from the file?  It just makes no sense.  The WD box HAS to read the file into memory (or at least the last portion of the file where the TAG information is stored) to be able to extract the tags.  It should not matter WHERE the file is.  As far as the WD box is concerned, it is just another file share location right?