Media Library will not work

accidentally posted this in the wrong forum initially:

alright I’ve tried about everything I can think of and cant get the media library to work at all with my network shares. 

I have a Windows server 2008 box setup with a local domain. It hosts my media as well. The WD Live can browse the shares and stream the media  fine but I’d really like to use the media library function and I cannot at all get it to work.

I can add the share to the media library, it will sit there compiling for a while then searching for media info and adding meta files to the networks shares…then when I go to videos it errors and media library is gone. I’ve reset the box to factory settings a few times, played with configuring the shares differently and I get the same problem every time…

any insight on this? thanks.

Try on a source with just a few movies, in a folder where you have write access.

It must finish indexing (stop blinking), before it will let you add “Media Library” as a source for VIDEO.

In the root of your media source, check the " .wd_tv  " folder. 

The file " wdtv.cas2  " (a SQLite v3 binary file) should be there and contain all the paths to your videos.

(Use Notepad2 or whatever to open it but don’t edit it !!!

While it’s blinking (indexing) that file ( wdtv.cas2 ) it’s being updated.

Tha’t the only “status” I see that helps me determine if the WDTVLive SMP is “working” or just buggy…

Note that the FIRST source you put there, will also contain a " uniondb.cas_ ##### <# = some number>" file that contains the complete index from all the sources scanned. If that is missing or unavailable you cannot access your Media Library.

After a succesfull scan, sometimes WDTV “forgets” to scan some of the source folders for Media Library. Those show with a (x) on the icon before the pathname, as if they are Offline (thay are not as they can be browsed in Files/Folder view just fine).

You can refresh each source independently or delete it. OR you can turn Off and then On the Media-Library to resacan all the sources. OR use the “clear” function to re-do the scanning. You should try either of those after you had verified “Netwrking” (Autoscan).

_B means “Bungalow,” not Beta. _B is firmware for the WDTV Live Plus.

_V means “Villa,” which is the firmware for the WDTV Live HD.