Media library wdtv.cas2 out-of-SMP generator (windows tool)


I’m a new WD TV Live SMP owner, and I have noticed that the system needs a lot of time to create the media library info on a 500 GB HD. I would like to buy a 2TB HD for storing all the videos, audios and pictures I have collected, but I’m worried about the time the SMP will need for the media library creation.

I think it could be interesting to have a windows version of the media library file generator in order to take advantage of the power of a pc for building quickly the media library file that SMP can use afterwards.

Or perhaps there is another way to shorten the creation library time?

Let me add a question: how does it work when, on an usb hd with an initial number of media files and an initial media library, I add new media files and/or delete old files? Does the SMP rescan each time the hd for updating the media library or should I delete and recreate it?

The WD will rescan any time you make changes to the USB.  Sometimes it will get confused if you add or remove files WHILE it is rescanning… in which case a rescan or a clear and rebuild will correct it…

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