Media Library USB File Structure

I have had my new streamer for a couple of days, and am struggling with the new “Media Library”. I have a 2TB WD USB drive with a mix of avi, mkv, and ripped DVD’s that I made from existing DVD’s. Each movie is in its own folder, with the DVD’s having one sub-folder named VIDEO_TS. With the Media Library turned on, the Meta-Data is populated into most of the folders automatically. Two files are added to each folder for backdrop photos and title description. I can manually add Meta-Data to all the titles. Since this data is retained on the USB drive, it is still available when Media Library is turned off. I want to leave Media Library turned on (to get the Dashboard, and the ability to update Meta-Data), but the display of movies with the “media” option is not complete, and most/all of my ripped DVD’s do not display meta data, and are placed at the end of the list. This makes browsing movies nearly impossible. Does anyone have a 100% method for structuring folders on this thing?

Well, I have come to the conclusion that VIDEO_TS based movies need to be converted to a single file (like a ISO), in order to be displayed properly when using “media library”. If you do not convert them, they are pushed to the end of the library with a different user interface. You have to see it to appreciate the issue. Turning off “media library” fixes the problem. I hope that WD fixes this soon.