Media Library so slow

Hi All.

I am wondering if my WD Live has  a fault, and could do with your input.

All my files are stored on a WD My Book Live 2tB hard drive on a hard wired network which my WD Live is also hard wired into.

If I use the local ‘Media Library’ option to look at either the videos or audio files I have to wait around 2 minutes for the rotating arrow to show the folders. It then takes another minute to show the contents of the folder after selecting it.

This means that I am waiting around 3-4 minutes just to select the file I want to play.

Surely this can’t be right?

Incidentally, I know the media library isn’t still being compiled as the LED on the front isn’t flashing.

If instead of using the the WD Live local media library, I select the Twonky media server on the My Book Live, the folders show up in a few seconds as I would expect.

You may well ask why I don’t just use the Twonky server. Well that doesn’t allow me to play my DVD Iso’s that I have stored on it, whereas the WD Live does.

Is my WD Live faulty?

I am using the very latest Firmware, and the media library is set to check itself once an hour. I assume this is a sensible time scale.

it all depends  on your broadband connection and how congested is your network, the topology and the devices that your are using ( Router, cables)

I wont say that  unit is faulty.

Try resetting all the devices on the network.

I can’t tell you what your problem is but I can tell you that it should be much better.

My WD SMP is connected to a NAS server and a PC via WiFi. I turn the power off to the SMP when not watching it but leave it on standby. When I turn it on I get the home menu nearly instantaneously. My shared folders are displayed within a second or 2. If I click on a shared folder, it will display the list of folders within 1 or 2 seconds. If I click on an episode or movie, it will start in about 5 seconds.

This is with a WiFi signal that is not very strong. In fact I am about to run a direct ethernet cable to the SMP to speed things up, especially when I press the Rev button.

Hi Guys

Thanks for the input.

Both the NAS drive and the Live box are plugged directly into the router, by cables that are around 1m long.
There is nothing else using the network except a wifi connection to my main PC.

What makes me think it’s not a network problem is that if I switch to using the Twonky server on the NAS my files are viewable - and accessable virtually straight away.

Now here is the bizzare thing. I checked again just before writing this post as I was going to measure the time it takes and this morning everything is working 100% ok again.

Nothing has changed, nothing has been added or taken away from the netowk but it’s working 100% ok again. 
So… I guess that has closed this issue.

Unless it happens again.

Most odd!



Its now 15 minutes after I wrote that and it’s back to taking 4 minutes again. :frowning: