Media Library Showing Zero files

Hello all. This is my first time here after about 18 months of ownership and usage without any problems. However I recently tried to access my files from my Sony Bravia TV and although it sees my Mycloud server it is showing as no files. I can access all of my files without problem from any internet connected devices such as my PC, Mac, Ipad, phone etc…and my Sonos continues to be fine. When I log into my WD dashboard DLNA media sharing is ON. However files listed are zero.

Content scan I also get all files showing.

I have rescanned a few times and I have also rebuilt a couple of times. Each time I do that I can see the files start to show but then by the end of the process they go back to zero again. Can anybody please assist or suggest a solution?

Many thanks.


Have you tried a Rescan? If that doesn’t work then a Rebuild.

You have a My Cloud not a My Cloud Home. A My Cloud Home doesn’t have a Dashboard! You should post your topics here.