Media library scans infinately then locks up

i have two data sources 1) wd usb hdd (1gb) 2) Ready NAS duo. Both working fine on other units. On wd tv live i can browse/use them no problems if media library is disabled. As soon as i enable media library it starts to scan and continues for ever. i have left run or 5 days wih no finish in sight. I have tried all variations of reset clear library etc. the problem occures with both usb and nas. I note from other threads that a lot of people have been having similar issues an that so far no response from WD. it would be usefull if at least the WD would provie feedback of what is happening e.g file being processed, % complete. at least then i could troubleshoot the issue. A last point when scanning if i switch to a differen hdmi source then back to the WD TV live i have no screen display. EXtremely frustrated as i purchased the unit to be a media libary not a disk browser which i could have setup or a quarter of the price tried to log suppor email but get server error try again and apology. HOW DO I GET SUPPORT!!!

The above can happen in at least two conditions:

The NAS isn’t properly supporting File Locking (So the database gets hung.)

The WD is “Choking” on a particular file or files.

There’s really no fix for the first one short of fixing the NAS (or whatever) but you could diagnose the 2nd by seeing if you can narrow down to which file breaks the camel’s back.