Media Library Questions

Hi, I’m a new user with a few questions. I have a 1T USB drive attached to my Media player and found that with it attached and Media Player turned on, it would interfere with Netflix…the Mediaplayer would freeze from time to time. Unplug the USB drive and Netflix would work well.

I would like to have the the USB attached and don’t want the Media player. I see this works but have yet to try this with Netfix. So is my problem with the USB drive attached or withe the Media Player turned on and the USB Drive attached.

Also, in services, the favorites selection doesn’t work unless Media player is turned on. Can I work around this?

I’m wired to the router an a fast internet service and fast modem and router.



What firmware version you have on the media player?

Did you try this in both USB ports?

Try resetting the media player to see if it fix the situation

I recommend adding upvoting this issue, others experiencing similar, as am I:

The firmware is 1.12.14. As it stands now Netflix works if the storage device is plugged in or Media Library is turned on. If its both then the SMP freezes after a  while on Netflix. I would like to have the storage device plugged and don’t really care about Media Library. The problem then becomes that Services Favorites wont display if Media Libary isn’t on. Is there a way around this?