Media Library Question

I was under the impression that the Hub would collect all movie information automatically and without user intervention.

Strangely this does not happen even though “Media Library” is set to on.

The only way I found to get the info was using WDFlow but that does only 1 movei at a time and I am not anxious to use that 750 times.

How do I force collecting all the information necessary (.xml, .jpg)?

Using the HUB’s “Get Info” you can only do one movie at a time, there is no way to make it batch get all the info.

Also, I don’t know about WDFlow, but you can use Thumbgen to get the metadata and coverart and there is an Automatic mode so that you can select the files you want to collect the data for, the select Automatic and then it will get the info for all those files.

However, you will probably have to go back and change about 1 in every 20 files because it will get the wrong data, either the wrong movie or usually the case is that it will apply the wrong coverart (it will be the right movie cover, but in a foreign language).  But this is unavoidable in any automatic movie scrapper.

Problem is that Tumbgen is a Windows program so Mac & Linux users cannot use it. I have tried it with Crossover but that will not run it.

Anyway, when I bought it I was under the impression that it retrieved all the necessary movie info by itself. Bit similar to XBMC. Even when 1 movie in 10 is wrong it still saves a tremendous amount of work.

For Mac users there is Dunex which is able to provide the DVD covers.