Media Library Question for External USB Drives

Does anyone know if the use of the Media Library funcation will allow 2 different USB drives to be seen as ONE large volume?  In other words…combine data from both sources into one location?

Depends on what you mean by LOCATION, and how you set the FILTER. 

Thanks Tony…I guess what i’m trying to say is, I’d like to be able to see all of my files from my external #TB and the internal 1TB in one folder directory, without having to switch between sources.  Can the Media Library do this?

If you set the filter to *ALL*, yes.

If you set the filter to *FOLDER*, the first “folders” you see will be the disk names themselves.


I added movies from 2 external HD’s to the internal 1TB drive.  I can see the folders and videos if I look in “files” but none of the videos show up in the “videos” tab??


Navigate to the folder that represents the Hub’s internal drive, and press OPTIONS – RESCAN.