Media Library on Local USB drives

I uploaded and installed the MOJO theme, and it’s working well excpet for one little problem.  All the movies are represented by the default ‘this is a movie’ icon and not the DVD art.  Not a fault with the theme as it was doing this with the out-of-the-box theme too.

The .jpg file is present in the same folder as the VIDEO_TS folder.

This worked initially, but stopped working reliably after I upgraded to 1.3.10, and now very few album arts will display.  Is there a fix, or is this just an issue with the hope-to-soon-be-fixed media library?

I should mention that the background art displays fine, just the DVD cover art that doesn’t.

You say you’re using .jpg in the folder.

Shouldn’t you be using folder.jpg?

Dunno, that’s what the media library put in there when it did a ‘get content’.  For example, A Hard Day’s Night has ‘A Hard Day’s Night.JPG’ .  Barnyard has a ‘Barnyard.JPG’.

So, the .JPG should be named folder.JPG in all cases?  I did just rename one to folder.JPG and it didn’t seem to make a difference.

Ohh, ok ok. 

If the scraper named it that, then it’s the right name.

But that may be the result a DIFFERENT little bug that thumbnails from scraping / get content info may not show up until you reboot the box.  

lol… I’ve done too many full/hard resets to count.  I can live without the thumbs, but it would be nice if they worked.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll put the drives on my laptop and wipe the .wd_tv folders and let the WDTV rebuild them, so if that makes any difference.

Thanx for the thoughts.

Ok, this is interesting.

I use ripped DVD VIDEO_TS folders.  I have a folder with the movie name, and inside that folder is the VIDEO_TS folder.  If the name of the top folder is EXACTLY the same as the name of the movie, the icon used by the WDTV media library is a movie icon, and the cover art does not show.

If the name of the folder is slightly differerent than the name of the movie, then the WDTV media library uses a folder icon and the cover art is displayed.

I turned the media library off, and any folder that had a cover art .JPG in it now displays.

I guess I’m going to wait until a new firmware load is released and try it again…

I am having the similar issue . I am using the mojo theme , I generated movie cover and data for approx 200 movies with thumbgen , work perfectly on SMp no issues at all . now today I adding new movies using the same method the cover art will not display . Everything else works , this is same if I connect my USB or media share . IS there is a bug in the system or are all doing something wrong ?