Media Library not including external hard drive

Can anyone tell me how I can set up my Media LIbrary to show all videos from both internal and usb attached hard drive? When I click on Media Library as the souce it gives me the option between 2 sources - internal and the usb drive. I don’t have any choice except to pick one of the two, then only the movies on that drive are displayed. Am I missing a step somewhere? I like to use folder view. The instructions say that if you connect a hard drive it is included in the media library display, but I’m not having that happen. I’m hoping I don’t have to switch sources all the time. I see other people having the same issue but I don’t see a resolution. Any help? Thanks so much.

Since the INTERNAL and USB disks are, in effect, FOLDERS, you can’t have it both ways.

It IS included in the media library, where each disk is a folder.

This is necessary because you could theoretically have the same folder names on both the internal and USB disks, which would cause a conflct if the “path” isn’t prepended with the disk as the first level of navigation.

So you have two choices:

  Choose a FILTER *other* than “Folder” – everything will be combined.

  Chose the “Folder” FILTER – and pick which device to browse.

OK, I’ll try that when I get home. I use folder view because everything looks cleaner, all files shows the extensions unless I acquire the information. I have some TV series with several episodes that also is neater in a folder.  So I should change the view to All Files and then go back and choose Media Library - is that the right way to do that? Thanks for your help!

No, you’re already choosing Media Library.  No need to do that;  just choose a different FILTER via the Green button.