Media Library not complete


I’ve got a problem with the Media Library of my WD TV Life Wifi:

I enabled media library for my TV Series folder, which consits of many subfolders, one subfolder for each TV series. Scanning took a while but is finished now. Unfortunately metadata information of some sub folders are missing at all and I really don’t know, if this is an issue with Media Library.

I checked some files in those sub folders separately by pressing option > gather metadata (don’t know if this is the right translations, for I use German GUI). Then a window appeared, telling me, that two titles were found. So I chose one title, pressed ok and everything was fine: metadata were loaded. If I try to rescan the whole subfolder, nothing happens - no metadata are downloaded.

I checked this on files of all subfolders where metadata are missing and it seems that everytime the scan routine finds more than one title, no metadata were downloaded at all.

Can you confirm this issue? Or is it just me?

Maybe you could give me a hint?

Thanks. M.

PS: filenames have the format: S00E00.avi

I think you answered your own question without realizing it.  ;)

When you did the MANUAL “Get Content Info” option, you were presented with TWO choices, and you told it which one to use.

If it was doing that automatically, it also discovered two choices, but since it was doing it automatically, it had no way of knowing which one you wanted, so it skipped them.

For instances like that where automatic collection doesn’t work correctly or at all, it might be better to use a PC tool such as Thumbgen or the XML Fetcher to do it for you.

Thanks for your answer. Yes, that was my assumption as well. This is really an issue… :confused:

So I have downloaded “WDTV Live Hub Autogenerator” which gathers all the information I need.



An issue?  Why?  Would you rather it guess which of the two options you want?

If it recognizes that there are xxx files in one folder, which have an equal name template, it should ask once and then ask again if this setting should be applied to all files in the folder IMO