Media Library Not Compiling For External HD on Network Share

I have a portable HD that contains the bulk of my media files.  It is connected to the eSata port on my Windows 8 x64 computer.  The WD TV Live SMB connects to the PC fine and finds the drive.  Using Network Share, I can access and stream the media from the drive.  However the same files will not play when the exernal drive is added to the Media Library as a network share.  When I create the library, the WDTV Live will spend 25minutes compiling the library and finding content information.  When it is done, the only files that are accessible are the ones in “My Videos” on the internal drive.  Although the media files on the external drive show up in the library, none of the backgrounds or thumbnails are displayed and I get a content removed error when I try to play them.

The WDTV Live has read/write access to the external drive and a WDTV Live folder is created when the media library is compiled (although both files in it are 0bytes).  Also if I plug the drive into an internal sata connector on the motherboard, the media library compiles properly.  I’m not sure if this is a bug with the WDTV Live or something I have improperly set with respect to windows file sharing.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi, check if the link below helps.

Thanks for the link.  But that wasn’t the same problem I was having.  Both the internal and external drives show up as separate folders.  However, the media library was not compiling properly on the external drive.  The media files from the external drives were listed in the library (minus all thumbnails and detail sheets), but a “content not found” warning was issued when they were selected.  The same files stream perfectly fine when the external drive is accessed as a Network Share outside the media library.

Anyway, since originally posting I managed to fix the problem.  I added the content from my external drive to the Windows 8 Video Library.  After Windows Media Player detected the contents of the external drive and added them to its library, the WDTV Live SMB was able to add the contents of the external drive to its Media Library without issue.  I don’t recall having to do this to get the WDTV Live Media Library to compile properly for the beta releases of Windows 8 (or when I was using the WDTV Live with Windows 7).  So I’m a bit at a loss as to why I needed to do it this time around.