Media Library & Movie Meta Data

I have had my new Streamer for 1.5 days. As a long time user of the WD TV Live, this is a big improvement, but with a few “early adopter” issues! Hats off to WD for this great product, and a 200+ page manual in real English that is VERY useful even for experienced users.

  1. ISSUE: Running latest 1.03.10 firmware. Media Library seems to consume a lot of processing time, resulting in lockups and highly delayed remote keystrokes. This is on a 2TB WD My Book USB drive, with mixed format movies and MP3’s. Took about 3 hours to fully index, but seems to want to run index updates/scanning every few minutes, which slows everything down. The Meta Data from TMDB is fantastic, but you have to be running Media Library on to get manual updates through the “get info” function on the “options” key, while flipping through movies. If I turn off Media Library, I loose “get info”, and the slick “dashboard”. It also now shows the Media Library system option as “CAS_Off/on”, instead of “off/on”, as I seem to recall from the 1.03.7 firmware. I would rather have the ability to turn off media library, but retain the dashboard and full on-line Meta-Data resources.

Anyone seeing the same thing?


Also, I have noticed that meta data for USB folders that have a DVD VOB rip with VIDEO_TS folders do not update/display properly. In media view, these titles are placed at the back of the list with no cover art, and no xml data, even though the cover art and xml data is in the root directory of the title. If I turn off the media library, and do a folder browse, all the cover art is there, but still no xml meta data. MKV;s and AVI’s all work fine.