Media Library Manager for Network share bungled files

OK so I initially had a few problems setting up my Media Library. Initially I added all my media folders from my NAS using Linux Shares but this just caused the Compiling Media Library issue that many people have reported on these forums. I removed all the network shares from the WD TV and started again this time using Windows shares. This built the library database in about 15mins for my movies, photos and home videos. The problem I am left with is that when I initially set up the Media Library with Linux shares the WD created a hidden .wd_tv hidden folder in my Music folder that I cannot delete from my NAS even logged in as administrator. If I try to add the music folder on my NAS to the WD it complains that it cannot get read-write access. Anyone else experienced this and know of a fix. Incidentally the NAS in question is a Seagate BlackArmour NAS110. Many thanks Slip

if you are familiar with SSH you can try  to remove the folders in that way

don’t have the steps on how to but other users can chime in and correct me if I’m wrong